Food & Drink


Partake. What other word could possibly be used to describe the indulging and imbibement in a golf atmosphere?

Enjoy upscale, signature starters, wings, burgers, salads, and sweet eats…and wash it all down with local micro-brews or an Affable Arnold Palmer, our adult take on the golf course staple.

Sure….there are plenty of places to EAT in Muncie. But where can you get truly memorable food that’s so good you won’t want to share with your tablemates…but will want to share it instantly on social media?!



Wednesday & Thursday:
11:30am-2 pm & 5pm-9pm

11:30am-2 pm & 5pm-10pm


Closed to the public. Open for private events.

Drink Up!

The Affable Arnold- We all know the standard Arnie is freshly brewed ice tea and lemonade, but rumor has it that when the Mayor of Latrobe had a particularly good round, the mixture was Sweet Tea vodka and a splash of lemonade.

The Angry Arnold- By the same token, a tough round was finished with the tea/lemonade mixture and a shot of bourbon.

The Blue Monster- A golf ball sized blue curacao infused ice cube dances in a concoction of raspberry and citron vodkas.

Bay Harbor Old Fashioned- Seems that before Hemingway started traveling the world, his Chicago based family vacationed in northern Michigan where his spin on the Old Fashioned involved rum instead of bourbon. Never question a writer’s taste in alcohol.

The Medina Margarita- One of the most spectacular clubhouses in America also serves one heck of a margarita, probably to take the edge off of a tough round at the Chicagoland course. Top shelf blue agave tees up this refresher.
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