We’ve all played putt-putt…but this is different.
Imagine a hole where Caddy-Shack-esque gophers block your line to the hole, and your competitors can place mini-golf carts on the course, too, just to make it more challenging for you!

Or do you think you can hit your ball up a 2 inch wide, 6 foot long ramp so that it drops at just the right point for a chance at a hole-in-one?

Now imagine 16 more holes just as intriguing. That’s Clubhouse Masterz Micro-Golf.


$40/per hour per bay


Monday:  5:00p-12:00a
Tuesday:  5:00p-12:00a
Wednesday:  5:00p-12:00a
Thursday:  5:00p-1:00a
Friday:  12:00p-1:00a
Saturday:  12:00p-1:00a
Sunday:  12:00p-12:00a


Wednesday & Thursday:
11:30am-2 pm & 5pm-9pm

11:30am-2 pm & 5pm-10pm


Closed to the public. Open for private events.


Adults - $10
Children 12 and under - $8

OR with meal purchase:

Adults - $6
Children 12 and under - $4


You've never played a round quite like this! Putt around obstacles that bring nostalgia of your childhood or through the Shafer Tower of Ball State University. Or navigate the Ball Jars, unique to Muncie's history.  

Play the game within the game with friends and family, or try to beat your best round and find your way on the Leader Board for all to see.


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